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If you’re looking for pure and chemical free milk then you have to try Doormilk. A new report says that over 65% of milk available in the Indian market is adulterated. Nearly 68.7 percent of milk and milk products sold in India are not as per the standards laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Products we sell under the DoorMilk Assured category Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Goat Milk, Paneer, and Curd are guaranteed Pure, Fresh, and Hygienic. It doesn’t contain any adulteration. We don’t use any preservatives or chemicals in our products. We serve you “Raw and Unprocessed Products” which means like the Homemade & fresh products.

Looking for quality meats? Delica Direct is a premium butcher including beef, pork, chicken, lamb, sausages and more Delica Direct Meats that delivered to your doorstep as trusted partner to Melbourne surrounding areas.

Cheesy Bite Springvale offers a great value pizza, HSP, Kebab, pasta, mains, and desserts Order online on our website and grab mega savings!