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Headless Now

This website celebrates a direct way of seeing who you really are. Consider this- What you are depends on the range of the observer. At several feet you appear human. At closer ranges you are cells, molecules, particles. But what are you at zero distance? In other words, what are you really? Others cannot tell you because they always remain distant from you. But you are at your own centre so you are well-placed to look and see what you are there. But how can you do that? The ‘experiments’ on this website show you how to see your own central reality. If you haven’t done the Pointing Experiment, for example, then delay no longer! Once you see who you really are.

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced graphic designers specializing in the field of vector graphics. Our services are mainly focused on redrawing pixel-based (raster) images into scalable and easy-to-edit vector files.

We at The Accel BPO provide product photo editing, Ecommerce photo editing, footwear and shoes, furniture, fashion accessories photo editing. We do edit and retouch all kind of product images to make them look professional and attractive.

Robert Grubbs specialize in Fine Art, Digital Art, Pop Art and Photography. Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Wall Art and Decor, Interior Design Art, Charcoal, Mixed Media, Greeting Cards, Paintings, Ink Drawings and Artwork.

Easy step-by-step instructions on hundreds of origami projects. Fold paper into amazing origima models, including origami cranes, boxes, birds, flowers, hearts, stars, and more.